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Introducing the Moka Marvel Gift Box – the ultimate kit for coffee aficionados who crave the perfect brew! Behold the wonder within this whimsical package:

  1. Gaia Coffee Whole Bean Coffee: Prepare to embark on a taste adventure that'll make your taste buds do the tango! Gaia Coffee's whole bean goodness boasts flavors so enchanting that even the coffee beans themselves break into a conga line to celebrate their own deliciousness!
  2. Grosche Moka Pot: Move over, regular coffee makers – the Grosche Moka Pot is here to add a touch of Italian charm to your java journey. Its sleek design is so seductive that it practically whispers "Bellissimo" with each heavenly sip!
  3. Set of Grosche Double Wall Glasses: Be ready to gaze into the abyss of your perfect coffee creation through these mystical double-wall glasses. The steam dances and swirls inside, creating a mesmerizing performance that'll leave you spellbound with each delightful caffeine spectacle!
  4. Manual Burr Grinder: Craving the freshest coffee possible? Fear not! Our manual burr grinder is like a trusty knight in shining armor, always ready to grind your coffee beans to perfection. It's so efficient that you'll feel like you have a caffeinated wizard at your command!

With the Moka Marvel Gift Box, mornings become a whimsical wonderland, afternoons become charming coffee ceremonies, and evenings are enchanted with the aroma of your freshly brewed Gaia Coffee creation. If you thought coffee was just a drink, think again – it's a mystical journey through the senses!


Moka Marvel Gift Box Includes: 

  • 1 x Groshce  MILANO Moka Pot Stone (Indigo Blue) - 6 cup 
  • 1 x Choice of fresh roasted Gaia Coffee (whole bean) 12 oz. 
  • 1 x Set of Grosche double wall glasses 9.1 oz.
  • 1 x Grosche BREMEN Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

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Why should I invest in a Jura coffee machine?

Jura coffee machines offer exceptional build quality, innovative features, and a consistent brewing performance that justifies the investment for true coffee aficionados.

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Our experts are here to help! Consider your brewing preferences, frequency of use, and desired features. We can guide you to the perfect match. Get your results here

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Absolutely. Our range includes models ideal for home kitchens and larger, more robust machines perfect for office environments.

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Our machines can brew a variety of coffee types including espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano, and more, catering to every taste.

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While our machines work well with any high-quality coffee beans, we recommend using Gaia premium beans to fully experience the luxury and flavor. ***Get 2 FREE Gaia Coffee Pouches with your machine purchase.

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Regular maintenance is key. Depending on usage, we recommend cleaning your machine weekly and descaling it monthly to ensure optimal performance.

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Certainly. Our gift cards make the perfect present for coffee lovers, available in various denominations.

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Follow our recommended brewing guidelines, use high-quality beans, and maintain your machine regularly to enjoy the best coffee experience.

What should I do if my machine isn’t working properly?

Contact our customer service team for troubleshooting assistance. If necessary, we offer repair services to get your machine back to perfect condition.

How long will my coffee machine last with regular use?

With proper care and maintenance, our coffee machines are built to last for many years, providing you with consistent and high-quality coffee.