ENA Micro 5 - Refurbished

ENA Micro 5 - Refurbished

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Double Action

JURA presents the most intelligent coffee spout of all time. Simply turn the spout to the position for ‘one’ or ‘two’ cups, gently activate the touch panel and the innovative ENA Micro 5 will perfectly prepare one or two speciality coffees.

Intelligent coffee spout

There has never been an automatic machine better designed to prepare either one or two cups. When you turn the height-adjustable coffee spout, it recognises whether you have selected one or two cups and prepares the corresponding volume. The coffee flows through one or two apertures into the cup or cups, guaranteeing a wonderfully subtle crema.


The aroma preservation cover keeps the coffee beans fresh, the Aroma+ grinder gently grinds them in record time, and the Micro brewing unit extracts the coffee under the ideal conditions. Intelligent preheating means that the coffee always enters the cup hot.

Simple operation

Gently activate the touch panel with three freely programmable cup sizes, each with two preselectable strength levels, for the speciality of your choice.


The ultra-compact model, reduced to the absolute minimum.
23 x 32.3 x 44.5 cm (W x H x D).

Customer Reviews

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Dietmar Schmidt
We like that coffee

Forget about tab coffee makers

Sharon Freeman

This Jura is a gorgeous machine but is a bit larger than I expected as it was described as compact, the other Juras must be really big.
I was slightly intimated at set up but once I got it done, it's great espresso at the touch of a button.
First, the top display alerts me to everything it needs "add beans", "add water", "empty the espresso grounds" and it shuts itself off automatically after several minutes of non-use.
I set the Jura to strong, "3 beans" on the display (which stays as the default unless the setting is changed to "weaker" - who would do that?) and I select the medium cup size for a double espresso. I get perfect espresso with lovely crema every time.
Note: I keep my cup under the spout when I start up the Jura as it dispenses a couple of tablespoons of water each time which I pour out before pressing the coffee button. Note also, the Jura requires dry processed whole beans which I bought on Amazon.
Love it, happy I bought it, and highly recommend it. Why waste your money on small, plastic machines that don't deliver the espresso you want?

Kangkyu Lee

I bought it at the super busiest season, but they sort it out nicely. The machine is working very good!

Yuhong Huang
Very nice entry level Jura

My wife and I have been looking for a bean to cup coffee machine for a long long time. Jura is the brand that our friends recommended. We pulled the trigger this Thanksgiving and purchased a refurbished Micro 5 from upscale coffee. similar to other customer's experience, I waited for over 2 weeks without getting any responses from the seller about the shipment. You can imagine how upset I was at that moment. I even called Jura to verify if the website is a legit re-seller. Finally I was told that they ran out of refurbished units so they sent a new one to me instead without charging me more. I was then very pleased and told them that is the best Christmas gift for my wife. I did receive it before Christmas. So this is my experience with upscale coffee. As for the machine, it is an entry level Jura without foaming function. The water tank is relative small and we fill it once everyday. Sometimes I did find some freshly grounded coffee on the underlying tray (not the waste tray) when I do the cleanup. Not sure if this is a defect or not. overall, I am happy with the espresso it produced.

David Origer
Very Happy

Everything was received in a timely fashion, and packages extremely well. So far everything is working flawlessly. Low maintenance with great coffee every time.

We are very happy you are enjoying great coffee with your new machine!
Happy Holidays!