Jura GIGA W3 Professional - Demo Model

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Free 2 lb. whole bean coffee 


Move on from K-Cups, pod's or packets & 
bring your coffee costs down. 

GIGA W3 Professional

2 Year Warranty

The perfect cup of coffee at your desk

The GIGA W3 Professional introduces state-of-the-art coffee technology to the workplace. Elegant and professional, the automatic coffee machine provides everything that counts in a modern working environment for customers, visitors and employees. As well as superlative performance, it offers convenience, simple and intuitive operation, and easy refilling thanks to the large 169 ounce water tank, 35.3 ounce bean container and aroma preservation cover


The ingenious, self-explanatory operating concept includes a ball bearing-mounted Rotary Switch and TFT display for maximum speed and efficiency. 31 individually programable specialty coffees and another 12 barista recipes can be prepared by touching a single button. The standard screen can be customized to the occasion or user, as can the names of the individual specialties. A key feature of the GIGA technology is the adjustable air intake, electronically controlled by a geared stepper motor, to heat and froth the milk. When you make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk into the glasses, followed immediately by milk foam and finally coffee. The GIGA W3 is also capable of producing the internationally popular flat white. A professional high-performance grinder, featuring specially positioned grinding discs made from wear-resistant technical ceramic, guarantees precise and consistently even grinding for years to come. They are amazingly fast, cutting grinding times in half compared with previous models. The grinders are adjusted electronically.


43 specialties, as well as the start screen, can be individually programmed to suit

the occasion or customer. For instance, products can be renamed and arranged

to the user’s liking on the display. The high-performance ceramic grinder, controlled

by electronic motors, guarantees quick, precise, even and consistent

grinding for many years to come. As an ingenious feature, the air intake in the

dual spout is electrically adjusted by a geared stepper motor. When you make

a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk followed,

without a pause, by milk foam into the glass. This feature saves valuable time.


As well as being easy to operate and program, the machine is designed to

be very easy to care for. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs 

reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜV-certified



With a wide selection of accessories including a cup warmer, milk cooler, coffee

grounds disposal function set, drip drain set,as well as an attractive range

 of storage and presentation units, it is possible to create a complete 

coffee solution tailored to your specific requirements

Water tank capacity169 oz
Coffee grounds container (servings)40
Numbers of bean containers1
Capacity of bean container with aroma preservation cover35.3 oz
Cable length3.6 feet
Voltage120 alternating current
Current10 amp
Frequency60 hz
Power1250 Watt
Stand-by power< 0.5 Watt
Weight40.1 lb
Width14.6 inches
Height21.7 inches
Depth19.6 inches