Gaia Coffee Co. is a gourmet-brand of Direct Trade micro-roasted coffees to order.

Gaia Coffee was created with a simple mission: Carpe' Diem! We are convinced that the best way to "seize the day" is by having a great cup of Gaia Coffee. At Gaia, we put a premium on quality, providing our clients with a wide variety of the best gourmet coffee beans. Our roasting facility is headquartered in NYC and is managed by a team whose experience in the coffee business is matched by few.



Helping spark the right mood for an amazing day starts at 3000 ft. up in the Brazilian Mountains. The famed Alta Mogiana Region is home to the Forteleza estate farm. Family-owned, since 1940, the Carillo family has been farming in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, an area renowned for yielding extraordinary coffee because of its mountain climate, mineral water springs, and well-defined seasons.

We chose this estate for its distinctive beans because of its strong commitment to sustainable practices, and long history of social and environmental consciousness. This model farm is highly regarded for taking care of the land, the people who work it, and the larger community. The difference is evident in the outstanding flavor of their beans, and our partnership with them gives us the opportunity to select unique lots for our exclusive coffees.

Using very specific techniques of handling, the farm has achieved a unique process of low chemical interference on the coffee plantation. The farm is certified according to the stringent international code of the Rain forest Alliance, with special focus on Environmental Preservation and UTZ Certification. The coffee processing employs the pulped natural method, which consists of pulping the beans, but emitting the fermentation stage to remove the silver skin; this result in a beverage that has characteristics of both a dry- and wet-processed coffee.

Different varieties, several micro climates, different altitudes and topographies enable the production not only of a single type of coffee, but several, with unique features in terms of flavor, sweetness, acidity, and body balance. Conscious of current concerns Gaia Coffee, while continuously focusing on pleasing the pallet, is attentive to the plight of our planet as well. Hence, we invest much effort in Direct Trade, organically cultivated coffee and Rain Forrest Alliance certified